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Just follow the steps below to send your e-campaign in under an hour!

With our system you can be up and running and sending emails in almost no time at all!

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How much does it cost

With our unique pricing plan, you only pay when you use the service, no monthly fees to pay, no contract to sign, just pay as you GO.

Payments are taken safely and securely at the time of sending your campaign by credit card

For each email there is a fixed charge of 3.50 plus 1p per email address.

So if you where to send an email to 500 potential customers the cost would be:

£3.50 plus £5.00
£8.50 in total

Compare that to sending a letter by post 500 letters @ 30p each is £150.00!

Plus the printing costs, time stuffing envelopes and going to Post Office.

Thats why we call it