Iíve never sent an e-newsletter. Where do I start?

easy to use Step-by-Step system is perfect for the novice e-marketer. Clear screen instructions. Get started in minutes.
First check out our online video tutorials.

Iíve never sent an e-marketing campaign before. Is this really simple?

Yes! is an easy Step-by-Step system. Have your newsletter or emailing campaign ready to roll in under an hour.

I want my emailings to look really professional.

With you can create your own templates that reflect your company brand. Or use the standard template for a modern and professional look. Itís simple and easy to learn.

Iím just a small business, with a small emailing list. Is cost-effective?

Absolutely! You pay just one standard campaign fee (£3.50), and 1p per email address.
For example, if you want to send a small mailing to just 20 people, you pay just £3.70.
Thatís half the cost and none of the hassle of using the Post Office, and the more you send the more cost effective it becomes.

With no monthly fee and pay as you go, is just perfect for small businesses, or the ocassional email marketeer.

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I am already using e-zine software for my mailings

Do you find your regular e-zine software difficult to use? Donít want to pay a monthly fee? Donít want to be bothered learning HTML coding? Want something cheaper, easier to use and more professional looking?

is the Perfect Solution! Open Your Account Today Ė itís free!